We Offer Appraisals On Your Machinery:
At Gulf Coast Machinery LLC, we have experienced staff to provide accurate appraisals of your machinery and equipment. Our USPAP compliant reports are thorough and provide the detail required for your needs. Whether you need an appraisal in Alabama, Georgia, Mississippi, Florida, Louisiana, Tennessee or in a different region of the United States, Canada or Mexico we can help you with your needs. Appraisals are requested for several reasons:

  1. Plant/Equipment Valuation
  2. Re-Financing
  3. Liquidations
  4. equipment/Plant(s) Sale
  5. Mergers, Buyouts, Acquisitions and Auctions
  6. Insurance Purposes
  7. Estate Planning and Settlement
  8. Litigation

We are involved in the buying and selling of used machinery on a daily basis. This professional activity in the machine and equipment marketplace gives our appraisers first-hand understanding of the dynamic economic swings in the industry which influence machinery sales. This marketplace insight is your assurance of both professional and ethical appraisals. Furthermore, we fully understand the implications of changes in the marketplace and can provide professional evaluations of entire plants, production lines or single machines. We can advise as to which method of evaluation will best fit your business needs: fair market value, new replacement cost value, orderly liquidation value or auction value. Our fees are not based on the numbers achieved, but on the amount of time & research necessary to give you the accurate opinion of values of your machinery & equipment. Some of the things we consider in this process include including manufacturer, make, model, year of manufacture, accessories, optional equipment, market demand, market availability, obsolescence, current economic conditions, and, of course, condition of the assets. Contact us if you are seeking a qualified opinion of value when lending, buying, selling or insuring machinery and equipment, and be sure you are getting the most professional service available.